Yesterday at lunch, a friend who is not familiar with personal coaching asked me, “So, why would someone come to you? What sort of things can you help with?”

I always appreciate this type of question because it requires me to distill an intricate process and reasoning into their substantive essence.

I asked my friend to walk with me through a thought process; I’ll ask you now to join us on this stroll.

Have you ever had a feeling of generic dissatisfaction in life? Not unhappiness per se, just an undercurrent of quiet unrest under the surface? A feeling that something inside you needs to get out, needs to be expressed, only you’re not sure what that something is? Maybe it’s a change. Maybe it’s a desire to articulate a passion and pursue it. Maybe it’s a yearning to steer your life in an intentional direction, rather than just going with the flow.

Though this feeling of dissatisfied unrest manifests in many different ways, at its core is often an unexpressed part of ourselves – an unarticulated wish, desire, dream, or purpose – softened and smoothed, eroded and erased by merely going with the flow of whatever comes our way. When we don’t cultivate intentional, deliberate, thoughtful decisions about the direction of our lives and take meaningful actions, the seeds of our best selves lay fallow. Unsprouted. Unblossomed. Unsatisfied.

That yearning in you that doesn’t go away, that you can’t quite grasp: that’s why you work with a personal coach. A coach worth their salt will help you articulate the yearning, set attainable goals, and encourage commitment to actions that express and satisfy that yearning.

When you’re ready to take the helm of your life, ready to chart a course, ready to patiently and courageously navigate through the storms, the doldrums, and rejoice in the fair weather days – then you’re ready for an intentional, whole-hearted life; you’re ready for a coach.

Interested to learn more? Feel free to contact me or schedule a free 30-minute consultation.





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