Gremlins and ghosts and goals…oh my!

If we think of the gremlin in us as our inner critic, the ghost is the elusive thing that haunts us–it toys, pokes, whispers, and taunts all to create an obstacle, a block, a non-useful mindset. I have a ghost that reappears in my life unless I do routine cleanses (so to speak) of my thinking and attitude. This particular ghost looks and sounds like a looming, booming, zooming analog clock hovering in the air around me.

Looming clock floating in sky.jpeg

I often get asked if I use my own coaching tools. You better believe I do, especially on a day like today when my ghost is clanging and banging away in my head. Today I used this Take Stock and Take Action Worksheet to help me work through and identify specifically what was on my mind and what I could do to reframe and get going. After a few minutes of focused thinking and writing, I realized the clock today represents a scarcity mentality. Lately I constantly have so many unfocused thoughts and ideas on my mind–so much I need and want to do, so many errands to run, tasks to accomplish, fun to have, life to live, projects to finish, blogs to write—that I feel overwhelmed, tired, uninspired, constricted, and empty. How am I ever going to find the time to get all this done? I end up doing a little of everything that needs to get done without ever really accomplishing any of it in a satisfactory, cathartic way.

I may not find the time to get it all done, but can find the time to focus and get one thing done—or maybe even three.

Using a Take Stock and Take Action Worksheet, I:

  • Honed in on the thinking I needed to reframe: scarcity to abundance. I immediately searched for and found a positive affirmation that resonated. I had it up on my computer screen all day.


  • Identified the smallest things I could do right away to move towards the sense of abundance over scarcity. I wrote each thing on its own sticky note and committed to doing each of them in a focused way, one at a time when I got home this afternoon.
  • Took several slow, deep, square breaths to open and fill up internally, to clear out the constricted and empty.
  • Wrote this blog!

Next time you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, unfocused, try my Take Stock and Take Action Worksheet and let me know how it worked for you!

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