A bird on a branch never worries that the branch will break: A lesson on emotional self-trust

“A bird on a branch never worries that the branch will break because her trust is not on the branch but on her wings.” ~ Unknown

This quote alongside my reading of The Speed of Trust by Stephen M.R. Covey inspired this week’s theme.

Self-trust is a deep topic that touches on multiple factors of character and competence. Covey characterizes self-trust as, “all about credibility. It’s about developing the integrity, intent, capabilities, and results that make you believable, both to yourself and to others.”

This idea of self-believability (different than and complement to belief in oneself) and self-trust strike me as the culmination and outcome of emotional intelligence.

Emotionally intelligent self-trust might be show up as:

Emotionally intelligent self-trust might sound like:

  • “I keep the commitments I make to myself.”
  • “I trust my ability to handle all of my emotions in a healthy productive way that move me toward my goals and life purpose.”
  • “I trust my ability to emotionally manage myself in the face of life’s challenges and opportunities.”
  • “I trust my experience and emotions to provide insight and data that informs my choices.”

Why does self-trust matter? Because it means you are believable to yourself, which increases self-confidence, resilience, and your ability and willingness to take step out on “risky” branches. Because it means you trust your experience, your ability to learn, and your fortitude for working through hard times. Because it signals to others that you are emotionally trustworthy, which allows them to be vulnerable and open with their emotions, to be honest with you and with themselves, and to take risks.

Emotionally intelligent self-trust matters because it is the foundation of courage and emotional agility.

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