Reflect. Decide. Commit. Act: Be the leader of your own life.

Hear ye, hear ye. Break out the clichés please with fanfare and pomp! Be your own superhero! Be your own leading lady (or man)! Be the captain of your own ship! Take the helm. Take the wheel. Take the stick. Be the leader in your own life! We often hear pep-talk phrases like this that [...]

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Limiting Beliefs, that’s who.

This week let’s focus on a pesky, insidious thing called limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are pernicious because often we are either unaware of them or are so used to them that we no longer take heed. They’ve become a part of our default mindset and make up the tacit assumptions we make about ourselves, the world and [...]

Why hire a professional coach?

In the proliferation age of self-actualization where everything you need to know to be your best self is just a click, watch, positive quote, yoga lesson, or creative workshop away, the question seems to be, Why hire a professional coach? My answer is simple: because without someone intently listening to you, asking you challenging questions, [...]

WHY YOU SHOULD ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOU…and not to me or anyone else

This afternoon on my daily quest for inspiration, guidance, and a magical energy mushroom boost to do more, be more, and create more I read a coaching for coaches blog. One video link in particular caught my attention: Elizabeth Gilbert speaks out against passion! Say what?!? Before watching the talk, I'll admit I was a little fired [...]


I can sum up what I view as the most pervasive and pernicious relationship myth: Two become one. Yes, a healthy, successful, and sustainable relationship must involve the creation, nurturance, and maintenance of a shared life together. Common purpose, common values, shared goals, and shared interests are necessary and vital to a healthy, sustainable, loving [...]