Go easy on yourself: Four ways to reframe frustration and negativity

If you're an achievement-oriented person, a bit of a perfectionist, and/or have high expectations of yourself and others, you most likely experience times of significant frustration. After all, life and people (including you) are about as far away from perfect as we can get—beautifully and thankfully so. The cyclical negativity, disappointment, and frustration expressed towards [...]


If you've ever created anything visual (a piece of art, a presentation, a book, staged a room, etc.) you know the importance of negative or white space: the space between and around elements that either draw the eye and the mind to an object, a word, an image (known as active white space) or let [...]


In the last month when I think about my professional life, I have experienced a nagging feeling that evades adequate expression. I have the sense that the feeling is meaningful and worth pursuing, so I give chase. My thoughts go here and there. As with all hunted things, the more I chase it, the more it evades. And evades. And [...]