How to make holistic, quality decisions

In my last post I explored the ideas of personal risk intelligence and unlinking the quality of our risk taking from potential outcomes and instead linking it to the quality of the decision making behind a risk. Many of the decisions we make happen automatically. Our brain is designed to relieve us of the burden of [...]

Free Interactive Emotional Intelligence Resource Guide

Over the last several weeks we've focused on understanding, developing, and applying emotional intelligence. Check out the resources I cited in the posts (as well as many I didn't mention) in my Interactive Guide to Emotional Intelligence Resources. In this guide, you'll find books, TedTalks, and movies that I've discovered, read, watched, and used on [...]

4 Steps to Immediately Apply Emotional Intelligence to your Thinking

"It's a mess when strange events smack into the windscreen of a resolutely rational mind." Robin Sloan I recently finished reading Sourdough by Robin Sloan (a delightfully charming modern allegorical tale) and was struck by the quote above. The rigidity with which I used to approach life, love, emotions, and...well...just about everything failed to prepare [...]

A bird on a branch never worries that the branch will break: A lesson on emotional self-trust

"A bird on a branch never worries that the branch will break because her trust is not on the branch but on her wings." ~ Unknown This quote alongside my reading of The Speed of Trust by Stephen M.R. Covey inspired this week's theme. Self-trust is a deep topic that touches on multiple factors of [...]

The Subtle Art of Interrupting Yourself: The Broken Windows Theory of Mental Discipline

When I think of mental discipline as it relates to emotional intelligence , I specifically focus on two simple yet significant tactics deployed when you sense you're about to venture down a dangerous path : Recognizing an unproductive emotion or line of thinking when they arise. Immediately interrupting that unproductive emotion or line of thinking upon recognition. Because [...]

Stop and Count to 10: The Power of the Pause

Turns out our moms were right…again. Remember when you used to throw infantile tantrums or explode in emotional outbursts when you didn’t get your way? Remember when your mom would tell you to calm down and count to 10? Well, there’s a whole heck of a lot of science behind why this simple activity works [...]

How do you like your eggs? 5 reasons to know yourself

Vulnerability is the key to connection and growth, so here comes a random confession: The first self-determined, intentional decision I remember making free of anyone else’s influence was at the spry age of 35 when I decided to go back to grad school and to shift careers from technical writing to coaching, leadership, and organization [...]

Reflect. Decide. Commit. Act: Be the leader of your own life.

Hear ye, hear ye. Break out the clichés please with fanfare and pomp! Be your own superhero! Be your own leading lady (or man)! Be the captain of your own ship! Take the helm. Take the wheel. Take the stick. Be the leader in your own life! We often hear pep-talk phrases like this that [...]

Why hire a professional coach?

In the proliferation age of self-actualization where everything you need to know to be your best self is just a click, watch, positive quote, yoga lesson, or creative workshop away, the question seems to be, Why hire a professional coach? My answer is simple: because without someone intently listening to you, asking you challenging questions, [...]